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Warning: this contains a long winded opinion.

Now the reason I’m posting this is because maybe something come out of it. I doubt it will, but as I the guy says “humanity is thick” and I’m pretty thick person when it comes to wanting to make the world a better place. I’m sure most of us do. And I feel like the message here is a good one that should be shared.

I’ve just seen enough of this sort of thing myself from all the drama. especially here. I know I’m coming off as being preachy here, and I have fallen victim to follow the shouting as well, and i try to not get into that with side or no side, but it’s just I feel as if this is true. Most people I have listened to are people who just want to sit down and talk about the issue, and maybe change it in the future. The best quote i heard was actually by yahtzee croshaw:

"Both sides should be allowed to present there conclusion, and present the facts that lead them to that conclusion, And then everyone should just digest all of that. And if you have faith that your facts are true, what are you so afraid of?"…

And this more civil way about going about issues may make people see the other perspective, because being calm and presenting you argument in sensible way they’ll be more open to your side. You probably won’t change their mind but then we might minimize some generalization of the side, and maybe we might just get to some middle ground.

This doesn’t apply just to the games industry of course, but I think most people would know that. I just wanted to state that for the post’s sake.

ah but enough of my reasons, just watch the video, it can explain better than I can.

Just some food for thought. :3


Anonymous asked:

How do I write good female characters without making them too feminine?


How is being feminine a bad thing? I never understood this idea of breaking characters along masculine and feminine lines for the sake of character design.

But okay, let’s just play along and assume you can make a character either masculine or feminine.

Pay attention. Here’s how you write good female characters.


Anonymous asked:

Josh was giving video games to teenagers claiming they're "birthday" gifts. Doesn't this look suspicious to you?


Do you mean “suspicious” the way most people mean suspicious in that context? If so…

No it doesn’t look suspicious, you cynical asshole. He’s just nice. Like… ridiculously nice. Clark Kent looks like a drug lord compared to this guy. That’s something a lot of people ought to be emulating. Not being skeptical little shits about.

More importantly, if you’re going to accuse someone of ulterior motives behind gifts, at least have the balls to come off anon when you do it, you bloody coward.

I needed this today :3

We’re in a really sad era right now where nothing is allowed to be a joke anymore. I make a lot of jokes as part of my job, but nobody calls them jokes anymore. We call them “trolling.” That’s what we think comedy is now. If you make a statement on the Internet, people will think it’s one hundred percent sincere, or an insulting trolling attempt. There’s no in-between anymore. That glorious landscape between sincerity and trolling known as “Just fucking kidding around” doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
Jim Sterling (via valkyrstudios)
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